Yes! The New Royal Luxury Trains In Our Odisha Are The Need Of The Hour For Tourism!

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Odisha is a state with extreme potential for tourism due to its virgin unexplored lands. From vast seas to temples, Odisha is a rare combination of green and gorgeous. In spite of being rich in flora and fauna, Odisha doesn’t attract as much tourist as any other state in India. Odisha contributes less than 4% of the total revenue generated by all the states in India. Due to recent issues regarding the safety of foreign visitors, international tourist rate has fallen down drastically which is heavily impacting the state’s revenue.

Luxury Trains, Yes! The New Royal Luxury Trains In Our Odisha Are The Need Of The Hour For Tourism!

The western and southern half of the country flaunts a unique transportation system for these visitors from international waters and even local visitors who can afford it. Luxury trains based on the states located in the west and south side of the country is a really safe option for tourists that come to India looking for a peaceful and luxurious stay. These luxury trains while priced heftily are somewhat affordable for the foreign tourists and the posh class of Indian society.

While eastern states are rich in natural beauty, they surely lack the adequate communication system, especially Luxury trains. Introduction of Luxury train in Odisha and other eastern states might strategically improve the revenue generated from international tourists as they can enjoy the grandeur of our states with safety and luxury.

Currently India has a total of 7 luxury trains that are concentrated mostly in the Royal state of Rajasthan, areas of Maharashtra, few from south which is covered by The Deccan Odyssey. The luxury trains are jointly managed by Indian railways and state government for the purpose of attracting more tourists and providing them with the best experience yet.

Do you think introducing Luxury trains in Eastern India can generate more revenue from international tourists in the upcoming future? Will these trains eliminate the fear of safety among foreign nationals? Let us know your thoughts and views regarding this idea.

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