The World Listened To ‘JAGDISH Mahapatra’ On Ted Talk Stage!


Yes, you read that right. It’s another Odia who have made us proud.

It’s a Singapore based Odia guy Jagdish Mahapatra who gave a talk on the TED Talks hosted by Shah Rukh Khan recently and stunned the world.

Jagdish Mahapatra is Chief of Channels & Alliances, Managed Services, Cloud and Specialist Sales – Asia Pacific. He has spent a large part of life in setting up internet and then securing it which is why he was called as a speaker for the TED talks.

He talked about the virtues and vices of the internet and how to keep our children safe on internet. We can’t deny the fact that though the internet has been no less than a blessing but the cons of the internet has been endless. Virtual Reality is developing fast and so are the dangers associated with it. It’s not all doom and gloom.

Mahapatra talked about the difference between the real and virtual world and how parents train their child to face the real world and not the virtual world where children spend most of their times.

Here is the video where he talks about how to protect our little ones from the adversities of virtual world.
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