Woah! Australia Has A ‘Kalinga Park’, Philippines Has ‘Kalinga Language’ & We’ve a ‘Kalinga Asteroid’ Too!

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When we hear about Kalinga, a major grin comes into our face as we feel exceptionally pleased that we have such a noteworthy place which was one of the greatest kingdom having a tremendous history of courage and a vigorous culture with a huge number of conventions and stories.

Australia Has A 'Kalinga Park, Woah! Australia Has A ‘Kalinga Park’, Philippines Has ‘Kalinga Language’ & We’ve a ‘Kalinga Asteroid’ Too!

But do you know it’s not only Odisha which had the name Kalinga with itself! There’re some different Kalinga’s exist in this mysterious world and we still don’t have any idea about it! These foreign countries have places with the  comparative names & ‘NO’, they don’t have any connection or anything to do with Odisha.

Let’s talk about 1st place, that is Brisbane, Australia; which is having a residential district called KALINGA. Not only that they also have one of the huge community park known as ‘Kalinga Park‘. Previsously known as Anzac Memorial Park, Kalinga Park was officially opened in 1910.

Much the same as people of Odisha [Kalinga] who battled for the freedom of India, Australian Kalinga people additionally battled in the First World War for their country and honored by the Australian govt.

Kalinga District and Park is important and have it’s own esteem for Australians because it demonstrates the evolution or pattern of Queensland’s history.

Kalinga land & language in Philippines: The Kalinga people in Philippines are warrior in culture, highlanders and the most extensive rice farmers. Not just that they’re additionally master in skilled workers, knowledgeable in basketry, linger weaving, metalsmithing, and stoneware. The Kalinga province of Philippines is one of the most beautiful place and have a rich culture.

“There are 110,000 people in Philippines who speak Kalinga language, a special dialect continuum of Kalinga Province.”

And once again it has nothing to do with our Kalinga as this place has recently formed in 1995 on 14th February due to partition of former province of Kalinga-Apayao.

Last however not the rundown, the presence of this Kalinga is really out of the world & we’re not joking!

Kalinga is an asteroid which has been discovered by Czech Republic astronomer Petr Pravec on October 30, 1997. He named it as ‘26214 Kalinga‘ & the number is given for a reason as it’s not by any means the only planet he has found. Petr has discovered more than 350 numbered minor planets so far! 26214 Kalinga is located between the orbits of the planets Mars & Jupiter!

In spite of the fact that none of the Kalinga is identified with us in any case yet at the same time we should state that our Kalinga which is presently known as Odisha is a kingdom of many centuries when these nations and space rocks were not by any means found. Disregard these places, even the maps and telescopes weren’t found.

We belong to that ancient kingdom which is known as one & only “KALINGA” 🙂

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