Wedding Of Two Trees In A Village Of Odisha Sparks A Buzz!

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Ever heard or witnessed a wedding where two trees are getting married? Surprised? So am I. But it indeed has happened in Odisha where a banyan and peepal trees were married by the villagers considering it a as sacred.

trees, Wedding Of Two Trees In A Village Of Odisha Sparks A Buzz!

In the midst of pounding of drums and singing, villagers of Jamadhar panchayat in the area offered two trees in an extraordinarily sorted out wedding service. As the banyan tree’s limbs got weaved with that of a peepal tree, superstitious villagers and clerics articulated ‘slokas’ and proclaimed them as a “couple“.

“The custom of wedding a peepal tree with banyan tree is an exceptionally old practice. I have known about it, yet I am watching it out of the blue. We are cheerful that it was sorted out. It will convey peace and good fortunes to the town,” said Gouranga Charan Das, a villager.

Villagers split into two gatherings speaking to the lady of the hour and the prep for the service. Some spoke to the peepal tree while others spoke to banyan amid the marriage, said Gopabandhu Das, who went about as father of peepal tree. Sudhir Das of the town went about as father of banyan tree in the marriage.

trees, Wedding Of Two Trees In A Village Of Odisha Sparks A Buzz!
Courtesy- Deccan Chronicles

The wedding was performed in the town sanctuary in the midst of recitation of Sanskirt ‘slokas‘ by the cleric. Many individuals from the area went to the wedding service and expanded help for the reason for protecting greenery in their regions.

A 54-year-old villager Banambar Sahoo stated, “Orchestrating marriage of banyan and peepal trees is one method for satisfying the God with the goal that a desolate lady can sire a tyke. Be that as it may, we sorted out this remarkable marriage to make mindfulness among the general population on monitoring the trees.”

Banyan and peepal trees are considered as Lord Narayan and Goddess Laxmi by the general population. Strikingly, numerous villagers sort out the marriage with flourish and customs including parade, devour and different conventions, said Susama Das, Sarapanch of Jamadhar gram panchayat.

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