[Watch] People Of Odisha Challenged India’s Most Handsome Magician To Impress The DON & The Mad Magician Did It!


Ever wondered what will be your reaction if someday you’ll meet a guy in your journey who can turn sand into gold! That’s Neel for you!

Neel Madhav has traced an enchanted journey right from his teenage years & the young magician of India can leave you spellbound by his tricks and maigcs. Neel who’s taking his travel solo this time to the most vibrant corners of India and looking for mysterious tales, quirky people landed in the home of Jagannath that is ODISHA.

“Neel has already done a couple of episodes with NDTV in Puri & Raghurajpur previously in his own show ‘You Got The Magic’ and named as ‘The Mad Mentalist’ by the Deccan Chronicle and as one of India’s finest entertainers by the Hindustan Times.”

Recently Neel, the illusionist visited Konark where he met a bunch of tourists and local people of Odisha and challenged by them to impress the local don and he nailed it with his magical skills and smiles.

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