“The War Of Rasagola” Has Broke The Internet & Odisha Is The Clear Winner Not Bengal!


This fight is bigger and larger than any fight in the recent times. Bigger than Game of Thrones and this is called “The War Of Rasagolla”!

In a legal fight to get the GI tag on the world famous sweet Rasagola, Our motherland Odisha & Didi’s West Bengal came face to face couple of years back. The GI under the World Trade Organization is a sign that identifies a product as originating from a particular place. While West Bengal keep on claiming that Rasagolla is belong to them and applied for the GI tag as they’ve invented it but the real truth is far from that!

After the news cameout that WB govt. has got the GI tag over Rasagola, national media jumped into conclusion to declare West Bengal as the winner. Even Mamata Didi tweeted herself from London about this happy news and that is when the social media has declared “The War Of Rasagola”

But let us clear all your doubts!

The GI Registrar office at Chennai has clearly said that West Bengal has got the GI Tag for ” Banglar Rasogolla” & they’ve applied for it in the year 2015. So the original Rasagola is still belong to Odisha and not to Bengal.

Even CMO released a press note stating that it’s in the process of obtaining G.I. tag for Odishara Rasagola. Here is the original release.

We’re still wondering that what our govt. was doing! But the good news is Rasagola Amara…. sorry dear neighbor! Now Share This On every timeline and let the rumors of their winning the battle die a fast death. #TheWARofRasagola

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  1. Rasagola is native to Odisha and it went to Bengal and all over India. Same as Chhena Podo Pitha. Odisha local confectionery makers should package Chhena Podo Pitha and market it all over the world.

  2. Its ok whether it belongs to Odisha or Bengal…the sweet is awesome..coz of this fights India is still a developing country!