This Marriage Of A Swedish Guy & An Odia Girl Will Make Every Couple Realize About Their Commitment


A meeting of minds, a union of souls and the merging of the Orient and the Occident, that is marriage. When our culture is divided over caste and community and marriage takes place in the traditional way after seeing the Kundli, this Swedish guy who has fallen in love with an Odia girl and married to her at Konark is more than a beautiful love story.

Hindu faith says that god came many times in different faiths but hardly any of us follows that when it comes to marrying a person who belongs to different religion . But this is one is a rare incident. John Carlson who works as a professor at Sweden University has married to Odia girl Sushrusa Nayak in the complete Hindu culture and traditional manner.

The Gopa Block of Konark was crowded to see this marriage. Though everything was same as Odia traditions; from huluhuli to Jodi Mahuri,  what makes it special is only these Cute Couple and their Swedish guests in the complete Odia outfit.

When most of us failed to keep our commitment in love, this story has set an example for everyone that falling in love not important; what is important is keeping the commitment with your partner.

We wish them a happy Married Life.. ♥ ❤

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