These Guys From Rourkela Chose To Make A Devotional Video Instead Of Romantic1 & The Outcome Is So Perfect!


They can enhance your devotion time by their ‘Spiritual Mantra‘ videos.
Yes! This team from Rourkela has captured Rourkela Rath Jatra from every angle & the results are so good that we can’t stop from sharing.

While many of the young You Tubers are coming up with prank videos or music albums, Satyajit Photography & the team has decided to showcase the mesmerizing journey of Lord Jagannath from a different angle.

While asking why they chose to make a 6-min devotional rath yatra video instead of the regular one, he said that “It’s always how you represent your work and not to follow the regular trend set by others.”

From cinematography to editing & coverage; it all looks so perfect.

Young guys like Anshuman, Satyajeet Mallick & Bikram Behera, who were covering the festival were well known about the fact that they had to cover every single moment of the car festival to make it look perfect.

The young owner of Explizit motion pictures Abhijeet Mohapatra said ‘It’s team effort & we’re working on different projects now to bring some unsual and different contents to engage Odisha people through some out of the box initiatives’.

Co-ordinated by Debasish Mohanty, Somya, Subhrajit, Tribikram & Deepak Saw; this small initiative to showcase our culture from different parts of the state can be a trendsetter this time.

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