Sundargarh Dist. Administration To Provide Free Sanitary Pads To Girls!


Sundargarh District Administration Will Now Provide Free Sanitary Pads To Students of Govt. Schools from this month.
This is the first time when such decision and initiative have been taken under dist. administration.

Akshay Kumar’s Movie Padman Based On Sanitary napkin & Taboo Around It & It’s Going To be Released This Week.

The initiative funded by District Minreal Foundation [DMF]. According to a report of Times Of India, DMF formation is now mandatory in all the districts. Sundargarh collector Vineet BHardwaj said that the foundation is funded with the oney contributed by the miners.

In a country like India where people consider period as a taboo and feel shy to talk about it, this decision will definitely help & hopefully people will understand that there’s nothing to get ashamed of. Talking about period or mensuration.

Menstruation is associated with smells, mess, blood, gore, impurity and disgust. Which is probably why many women say they feel uncomfortable talking about their periods. The act of menstruating couldn’t be more natural — and with all the health risks, pain, and environmental issues that result from a lack of menstrual education, shouldn’t we be working to make period talk more normal?


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