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We’ll be speaking about ODIA food but before that there’s a popular saying in Odia that ‘Je Deshe Jai Se Phala Khai’ means ‘When in Rome, speak Roman!’

When you are out of your state or country, you need some hints not to get lost in the variety of tastes and flavors. But when you comes to Odisha, you no need to worry about the taste or uniqueness of the food. All you have to do is just order the food and get relaxed, because we’re the best in what we do.

Not only the fastfood of Bhubaneswar, Rourkela or Berhampur but every district or city in Odisha have it’s own magical cuisine which can’s resist yourself from having it anytime. And there’re some celebrities and big names across our country who also loves our food. YES! Our famous home cuisines.

Here’s the list of people who’re a big fan of Odia cuisines

1.Ayushmann Khurrana

Well! In the words of blogger Archana Pridarshini ‘Ayushmann Khurrana, one of the charming young talent of our Bollywood industry. He is an all-rounder a well-known actor, melodious singer and anchor. Recently, he has been captured performing with his band ‘Ayushmaanbhav’ at Bhubaneswar. And it seems like he made his mood to taste some Odiya dessert, he posted a delicious and mouth-watering pic of Odisha’s roasted cheese cake.’

Didn’t get it? it’s our ‘CHHENA-PODA’ guys. ChennaPoda, a well-known odiya sweet dish.


2.Claudia Ciesla

Bollywood actress Claudia had came Rourkela/Bhubaneswar to perform,while asking claudia about her journey and experiance in odisha,her expression was absolutely priceless. Specially when she gave her byte on Dalma,completely delicious.

3.Nishant Tanwar

Nishant Tanwar is an Indian stand up comedian and actor. In month of Jan 2018 there was a JUGAAD STANDUP COMEDY show at Bhubaneswar by Nishant Tanwar and that time he not only admitted that Rasagola belongs to Odisha saying Rasagola Toh Odisha Ka Hi Hai!‘ but also said that he loves it and also “Pakhala & Macha bhaja”

4. Ex-President Pranab Mukherjee & BJP Senior Leader Lal Krishna Advani

Honourable and the most experienced political personality of the nation Sj. Pranab Mukherjee & Sj. Lal Krishna Advani have tasted Pakhala first time ever in Odisha, thanks to our CM Naveen Patnaik who chose to have that dish during the lunch time in a meeting.

5. Yuvraj Singh

Six sixes in six balls, he’s the master of sixers but once during a tournament at Barabati stadium he got a chance to have this cuisine and get bowled by the taste of our very own not so secret dish which we call ‘CHUIN TARKARI’.

So What’s the nest dish you want our celebrities to have? 😉
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