Sparkle, Sass & Glamour At Rourkela Style Week 2018 For The First Time!


The place which is known for it’s creativity and known as the talent heartland of India, ‘Rourkela’ witnessed an amazing evening with Rourkela Style Week 2018 for the very first time at Mayfair in Rourkela.

Models from Bhubaneswar, Rourkela & Kolkata and other parts of India became a part of the show. Organised by Nextxen events and choreographed by John Ajay, the event was full of sparkle and shimmer from the beginning.

The place which has given the International fashion designer like Bibhu Mohapatra is currently buzzing in the presence of fashion connoisseurs and style enthusiasts who’ve flocked from different parts of the country to attend the the first summer style week of the city.

Designer Kiran Arora Unveiling Her New Collections

Be it dresses, gowns or pants, there was nothing understated in the collection. With a stylish debut in Rourkela designer Riya Mittal, Kiran Arora & Jeet Satya got an opportunity to present their collections on the ramp and the designs were so good that it was no wonder that this show was one talked-about show at the Rourkela Style Week.

Designer Jeet Satya With His Collection
Rourkela Born Fashion Designer Riya Mittal

In a talk with Shines Network the show organiser Ratan shaw said ‘When each industry looks for present day methods for supportable preservation, fashion is at its fore of advancing and empowering more watchful routes drawing out bringing out its creative best.’

The MD of Nextxen event, Mr. Hitendra Shahi said ‘Given that the collection brought back the new fashion world to Rourkela, we will continue to bring more such events.’

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