Slowly Hyderabad Becoming A Beggar Free City- First City Of India To Take The Initiative


There was a time when India was known as one of the richest country in the world with it’s young population. Yet, for a considerable measure of reasons our country wound up poor and outsiders have officially made their recognition for India, a nation of poor and homeless people.

Going on a busy road or traffic in a metro city, you’ll find beggars in India. If we’ll talk about our state, then it’s quite different where every monring you get welcomed by a beggar standing at your door. Despite India’s rapid economic growth in recent years, poverty and beggars in India are still big problems.

But the time is changing and so is the profession. Yes! Begging is now turned out to be a profession and their are professional beggars of a new breed. You may find beggars on the streets of India, even child beggars; and that will break your heart.

Even after this uncontrollable condition, the Hyderabad city took the risk to make it the first beggar free city of India.

“If you remember, in 2017 the Hyderabad city police did precisely a comparative sort of drive amid the visit of Ivanka Trump and confronted a ton of feedback as the vast majority of the pundits trusted that the police and the govt. is attempting to shroud the city’s homelessness.”

And now again the Hyderabad police officers are picking up beggars from the city streets and they have sent more than 300 pan handlers to what they have described as rehabilitation centres. Not only that, their team is teaching them to read and write and giving them food to keep them in shelters.

“Some are even offered workshops in dance and theaters and the centers are also tasked with helping the homeless find jobs. And why only Hyderabad, even a beggar-free scheme, initiated by a Charity Commission and supported by 20-25 individuals, government and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Maharashtra is aimed at proving vocational training to homeless people.”

Where nearly 70,000 beggars of Maharashtra may soon become a productive workforce of the state. As begging in India is illegal, simply envision what will happen, if the Odisha govt. will take such activity of making Odisha a beggar free state and provide them jobs and occupations instead of 1rs/kg rice plot, the scheme which helped a considerable measure to poor people however in the meantime very much criticized by numerous individuals.

What if we implement this initiative? What if the result will help us grow faster? What if every beggar in Odisha will become productive and contribute to the state?


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