This Short Film On Breakup Shows Not Every Love Story Ends Well & It’s Okay Like That!

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Love. Breakup. Zindagi. 

When I first came across these three words, I could not really relate to it very well. Maybe because I didn’t understand the meaning of these words or maybe because I never really thought that love or breakups could have such a huge impact on our Zindagi.

But as I grew older, when I fell in love, when I saw my friends fall in and, unfortunately, out of love, I realized that it’s a way of life. You fall in love with someone, you break up with them and yet you don’t, you can’t give up on your Zindagi and so you have to move on.

Breakup, This Short Film On Breakup Shows Not Every Love Story Ends Well & It’s Okay Like That!

It’s a sad truth of life, but unfortunately, that’s how it is. That’s how you learn, that’s how you grow, and that’s when you realize that not everything will have a happy ending and sometimes maybe everything shouldn’t have a happy ending.


Some people say it changes your life, makes it as colorful as a rainbow, shows you the brighter side of life and makes you a better person. The word ‘love’ may have just one meaning in the dictionary, but if you ask people, you’ll know how different it has been to everyone. Sometimes even the person whose heart hasn’t been broken can say that love isn’t easy. Because it’s not always easy to love the wrong person, it’s not always easy to pretend, it’s not always easy to say ‘I love you’ when you don’t mean it, it’s not always easy to leave.


You can do nothing about this, because when it happens, you just have to deal with, be thankful that it happened and gave you some bittersweet memories and move on. Because that is going to make you a stronger person, it’s going to show you what real life is and it’s going to make you believe that love is not all you need in a relationship for it to sustain.


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