Shocking! BJD Leaders Son Behind Bhadrak Communal Violence Says Initial Report; Investigation Continues!


Vote bank politics! That is the thing that everybody says at whatever point a communal brutality happens in India! But there’s a lot of things which is going on for the first time after the Bhadrak communal violence on Ram Navami.

First time in decades central forces takes the charge of Bhadrak, first time social media banned by state govt to stop circulation of rumors and now for the first time the involvement of a BJD leaders’s son is in news after the initial report comes out. While all the opposition including BJP accuses BJD of unleashing violence in Bhadrak, the underlying reports are truly stunning!

In a report of leading odia daily Sambad, which has been published on it’s web portal that the mastermind behind the Bhadrak communal violence is a BJD leaders son and cyber crime team is investigating the issue.

The convict has utilized the online networking to fuel the communal violence between the two communities and 2 others are also involved in this crime.

Investigating team has asked the whatsapp group admins to submit the details of those group members who has circulated the rumors & also searching for those people who took help of social media to spread the hoax. A case has been filed in Cuttack cyber crime police station under the section 153(A) and 295 (A). But there are few questions which are still unanswered and also asked by BJD MP Arjun Charan Sethi!!

1. How a group of people shouted Pakistan Zindabad slogan outside the peace meeting venue?
2. How could such a huge gathering formed outside the peace talk venue despite the promulgation of prohibitory orders under section 144 of CrPC?
3. Who allowed this group to organize such activities even after section 144?


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