Sambit Patra Spoke In Odia In Times Now! For The First Time & Odisha People Are Going Nuts After His Statement


BJP Spokes Person Dr. Sambit Patra spoke in Odia, Who’s known for his logical and well spoken attitude & a leader who always define his & his party’s stand in the debate have said something in the recent News Hour Debate in Arnab Goswami’s Times Now Channel.

When The entire country is in shock after the SUM hospital incident and when the regional party BJD is in backfoot and not in the position to take the responsibility of the negligence of their govt. the BJP Spokes Person and Odia Born Dr. Sambit Patra have just delivered a statement which have made the Odia people more confident to ask questions to their govt.

Dr. Patra who used to attend the News Hour debate with Arnab Goswami multiple times for various issues have clearly spoken Odia in between the debate and drag the govt. into it while questioning it’s negligence. Dr. Patra said he got nearly 500+ phone calls from Odia’s across the country to speak in Odia in the debate and said “I’m an Odia & I want Justice for my people”.

Watch Dr. Sambit Patra In Odia In Times Now


Later on he tweeted the same in the social media sites.

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