In Sambalpur, Hindu-Muslim Unitedly Performed Aarti In Ganesh Puja & We All Should Learn From it!


In order to give a strong message to the people across the state, this Ganesh Puja people in Sambalpur did something beautiful and we all love it!

Picture Courtesy-Sambad&Samaj

As news related to religious disturbances are grabbing the headlines every day and we’re seeing such pictures on social media. But if you remember, Muslims in Mumbai offered Namaz in a Ganesh Pandal and such pictures are very uncommon to see, especially with the growing use of social media and easy availability of the internet, troll armies and religious extremist groups find it easy to divide people over religious posts and trolls.

The contrasts among Hindus and Muslims are not new to the country but when it comes to Odisha, things are slightly different.

Of course, no one can deny the effect of the internet and how it’s slowly getting into our nerves to label someone on basis of their religion, but maybe there’re still some people living among us, who always find a way to step back and do the right things and make the correct move.

The picture of Dalaipada Ganesh Puja Pandal is now going viral on the internet. Where the people from both the communities Hindu & Muslim offered prayer to Ganpati and even performed aarti together. When we ask the local people, they said it’s been 15 years since this is going on.

This is a classic example of our unity and we hope it will remain together forever!

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