Rourkela Local Brands Are Getting Ready To Meet The International Brands At Crossroad Mall


The city of Rourkela surprises you when you expect it the least and a similar story is out with the opening of a brand new mall in Rourkela named CrossRoads. As informed in our earlier post, CrossRoads brings to you the chance for affordable listing of your business with all the modern amenities and securities.

But wait!

People grabbed this amazing opportunity almost instantaneously and voila, almost 80 percent of the spaces available at rent have been covered with spaces filling up faster than you can blink your eyes. However, when the steel city keeps competing with the capital with an edge-to-edge competitiveness, here is where we Rourkelites lagged behind. A major faction of these sellers who are interested to occupy the space turned out to be business personnel from Bhubaneswar.

CrossRoads was initiated with a motive to shift the local business to an ultramodern platform to help the youth today enjoy some comfortably leisure moments as they shop. Everyday more and more business opportunists are eyeing on this new project but it’s never too late to make the smart move and get your very own space in a locality buzzing with people and perfect accessibility.

Now you might ask why you should shift from the local platform to the futuristic shopping scenario. Well there are ample benefits of doing so, but here you go with the top reasons that are motivation enough to initiate the move from local shopping streets to a high-end structure decked with progressive facilities.

1-You get your very own space with no need to pay rent, only the maintenance charges.

2-The integration of local brands with national and international ones can give your brand the much
need push towards success and better profit.

3-Market complex doesn’t attract the youth with lack of contemporary amenities. Shopping malls are
the new destination for a major faction of the current generation as well as the previous generation.

4-With availability of safety suites in places such as security guards and CCTV cameras, you can let your
business run smoothly without having to worry about theft of any kind.

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5-The ROI (Return on Investment) with a space acquired inside a shopping mall is numerous times better
as compared to market complex or stand-alone street shops.

6-When it comes to impulse buying; it is higher in malls as compared to market complexes. This is
because, with so many brands and varieties all at a single place, one feels the need to buy one thing or
the other.

Now that you know and understand the benefits of having your very own shop in a shopping mall like CrossRoads, don’t you think that it’s time for you to make the move and strike the deal. Work alongside reputed brands to achieve better business, higher sales, and ample recognition. Turn the face of your business towards the digital age where you reinvent your brand with the help of a full-blown retail trend taking over the traditional marketing pattern.

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