Rourkela Administrations Most Innovative Step So Far! ‘Band Baja & Nightmares’ For Tax Evaders


In an unprecedented tax collection drive, and perhaps, for the first time in Odisha, Rourkela Municipal Corporation has found a new way to collect tax from defaulters who were not paying taxes for a long time. Tax defaulters are now waking up to the sound of drum beats outside their homes.

Many defaulters from Rourkela are not paying holding taxes and some are even envisioning taxes for a decade. Unable to make owners pay, Rourkela Municipal Corporation has decided to shame defaulters by hiring drummers to play outside their homes, so their entire neighborhood knows.

This might sound something new in Odisha but from ancient times this methods of publicly shaming used to help the defaulters know about their responsibilities. Now when the situation is not improving at all and when they had no other option but to revert to the traditional method of‘drum beating’ to recover taxes.

From 10th of January the tax collection drive has begun and it still continues to give nightmares to tax evaders. We must say ‘Every Step Is A Good Step, If It Is For The Betterment Of The Society’.

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  1. Revising The Taxes as high as 10 time from the present tax value, who will pay the amount.
    Dhol baja k loot loge kya RMC walo.?