Remove ‘Utkal’ From State Anthem ‘Bande Utkal Janani’ Says BJD Minister!


It seems like Biju Janata Dal is slowly learning the tricks of polarization just like the other significant national parties. And the recent statement of a BJD minister is the proof of that.

Labour and Energy Minister Sushant Singh courted a controversy with his statement to replace Utkal with Odisha in ‘Bande Utkal Janani’ song.

Going one step ahead Mr. Singh said that the term Utkal is hurting the sentiments of Western Odisha people, so the govt. should consider replace this with Odisha. It means from Bande Utkal Janani to Bande Odisha Janani.

Singh’s statement has created new trouble for the ruling party as they’re already in the back-foot in the west part of Odisha and the outrage against Biju Janata Dal on social media can plainly be seen!

Not to overlook the song is yet to get the state song status.

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But, all we can say to our leaders that, ‘Stop talking trash and start doing something worthy and and begin accomplishing something commendable!!’

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