With Removal Of Section 377, Here’s How RSS & People Reacted On Twitter!


With the historical decision of Honorable Supreme court on Section 377, the India is celebrating the verdict, far beyond the Gay community.

The decision declared by Odisha born Chief Justice Deepak Misra, who is going to handover his reins to his successor, Justice Ranjan Gogoi next month. But it doesn’t seem like everyone is happy with the decision. Previously this has been opposed by Utkal Christian Association. And now specially the right wing Hindu activist group Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh [RSS].


Just after the few hours of the historical judgement RSS reacted to this decision by saying that ‘”The same-sex marriages are not compatible with norms of the Nature, so we do not support such relations. Human beings generally learn from experiences, that is why this issue needs to be taken care of at the social and psychological level’.

But do people really care about this reaction, probably not! Celebration is taking the twitter into storm with the number one hashtag Section 377.


Here are some of the top tweets on Gay-Sex discriminalization.

There are many who have difference of opinion, what do you think Odisha!?

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