Recent Bhubaneswar ‘MMS SCANDAL’ Teaches Us That Our Private Life Is Ours Only! Don’t Repeat!


They were young. Their love was fierce and hot as flame. But the flame became a wild fire due to a fallacy.

The guy Vijay(name changed for security purpose), who was a 4th year engineering student from Ranchi studying in reputed college of capital Bhubaneswar has been arrested following a sex video tape of him and his love interest going viral over social media.

The guy allegedly shared this video with his friends over whats app after which it got viral all over the internet. It was a video shot in selfie mode proving that her female partner was very much aware of the fact that her boyfriend was capturing their private moment. The girl hasn’t filed any case against Vijay but despite that the police has taken strict measures and filed a case on their part and has detained the guy for the same. When inquired by the reporters why he shared their intimate video and whether they broke up, the alleged culprit replied

           “Yeh hum nahi kiye hain ,yeh viral ho gaya hai kaise,

                  yeh police pata laga rahi hai,mereko kuch nahi pata.

                  Wo meri girlfriend abhi bhi hai ,breakup nahi hua hai !!”

The alleged culprit Vijay is under police custody and being questioned about the video and how it was leaked. Taking into consideration that he wasn’t involved in making the video viral, Is it still ethical on the couple’s part to participate in the making of such videos.

Technology has developed a lot today and nothing is safe. Every now and then there is a virus or a hacker interfering with our security, and capturing such sensitive, intimate moments on our phone is nothing but inviting danger.

So it’s a request to everyone out there from our community to avoid any such things which can risk your security & public image. It’s not mandatory to take / send pictures or videos of yourself or your partner just to prove someone that you love them.

Maybe the guy in question is your husband or long term boyfriend or someone you trust with your life, your private life is your own and you got to take charge of it.

Be safe and aware  !!!

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