Raped By Her Father, Killed By Grandmother! & She is Just 5 years Old !! Humanity Sucks !!!


As feminist author Gloria Steinem Says –

“If you are beaten,you are said to have incited it,

If you are raped, you are said to have invited it”.

We live in a society where we are taught that we have choices about our lives and we are responsible for what happens to us.Every time a rape happens, people start blaming the victim for provoking the rapist, wearing short clothes,wandering around late night and what not. But what was the fault of this five year old girl who was at her own house. Society will be quick to blame her as well. The girl who was too young  to even understand the word “Provoke” and that too she was right inside her house.

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Sachin Shinde,a 26 year old labourer from Nashik raped his 5 year old daughter on saturday night.The incident took place after he returned home from a  wedding in a drunken state.The labourer’s mother has also been arrested who allegedly killed the girl in order to save her son. The girl’s mother was not at home as the incident took place.

How safe are girls at their own house and that too the one who assaultes you is your own father!

As per the reports,Anusaya Shinde(Labourer’s Mother) had dumped  the girl’s dead body behind the school and had planned and reported a fake case accusing that her grandaughter had been kidnapped,raped and then murdered by unknown persons behind ZP primary school.

The complaint was registered under the ‘Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act 2012’against  the unidentified individuals. When the investigation started and the body was recoverd the report were pointing towards Sachin Shinde and later on when he was questioned,both Sachin and Anusaya confessed the crime.Case was lodged against Shinde under IPC section 376(Rape) and under POCSO-2012 and his mother was charged against murder.

Where are those people who say women are not safe outsidetheir homes?Where are those people who claim short dresses to be the cause of rapes?

What is of utmost importance is to curb this violent crime and the step which needs  to be taken is strengthening the laws and taking strict actions these criminals.

No matter how hard we try and pray for justice,a simple death sentence isn’t enough for the one who harms the diginity of a women and that too in the worst way possible!!

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Soum Parida


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