Rape Inside Puri Jagannath Temple! This Is What National Media Reported & Defamed Odisha Without Knowing The Complete Truth!


In the race of distributing the primary news national media of India has quite recently demonstrated the flippancy which we don’t anticipate!

2days before a minor girl has been raped inside a Jagannath temple in Baripada. But national media decided to publish the news without even knowing the complete truth and details of the incident. From Indian Express to Deccan Chronicles and also couple of international media agencies who certainly could have taken the news from the popular media houses of India has published the same. “Minor Girl Raped Inside Jagannath Temple In Puri!”

In spite of the fact that it doesn’t make a difference where the incident happened as it’s really a shameful act which occured inside the temple hurting millions of individual’s sentiments. However, the way enormous national media houses published the news expressing that it occurred inside Puri Jagannath temple is just can’t be acceptable.

The news which has not only defamed Puri Jagannath Temple, one of the Dham of India but also raised a question on their courage of journalism!! WATCH THE VIDEO & SUBSCRIBE NOW

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