Ranchi Passenger Gets Immediate Help From Railway After Accenture Techie’s Tweet To Prabhu


Almost 2 and half years and still the question keep on coming towarsds the Modi Govt. on his ‘Ache Din’ remark. But External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj & Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu seems to be winning the hearts and reaching out to people for their rescue.

“We all have heard on social media about the immediate action of Railways after passengers tweet to railways and Prabhu but never expected the same will happen with us and that too so fast action, that i can’t explain” said Shiv Kumar Singh, the techie from Accenture Kolkata, who recently experienced the good governance and service from Indian Railway.

2 Days ago Shiv’s nephew was travelling in SEEMANCHAL EXP (12488) train from Ranchi and fell ill soon after train strated from Ranchi. There was nothing that he could do and informed his uncle and without any delay Shiv tweeted addressing to Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu & as usual Railway was not only quick to respond the tweet but immediately arranged the doctor at the next Kanpur Station.


Later on Shiv Kumar updated a status on his facebook profile stating ” I had never anticipated such a response. I feel honoured and privileged.”

Suresh Prabhu providing quick assistance to train passengers asking for help is not new. The tech savvy minister recently helped a woman passenger in distress & saved a two-year-old child’s life on the Bhagalpur – Bangalore Anga Express by arranging for emergency medical care at the Asansol station.

“Prabhu is leaving no chance to help the passenger and keep on creating statement for other ministries. No one should doubt that why Suresh Prabhu is the Superman of Indian Railways.”

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