Proud To Share The Story Of People Who Saved The Most Frightening Day At BHADRAK In Between Communal Violence!


For the first time in decades when Bhadrak was on the boil & the entire city was burning with the flames of communal violence, Odisha saw commendable professionalism and sheer courage in a group of firemen. And their work stood out in the midst of the mayhem.

Residents of Bhadrak lamented administration’s lapses and delayed response of police, but were quick to point out how a group of firefighters braved the odds and risked their lives to minimize the damages on Friday night after anti-socials torched several shops in Bhadrak.

People were anxious. Could not dare to venture out. But the firemen stood guard like rock solid, did not deviate an inch from their call of duty and worked throughout the night, dousing the flames. People were peeping from the windows. Hats off to the incredible courage of these firefighters.

The entire Friday night and till Saturday evening, the firemen went running from shops to shops, putting out flames & when asked they calmly replied “We just did our duty, it was scary though”.

After getting a call, when the firemen reached Chandan bazaar (Which was the worst affected area in the mayhem), there was blaze all around. They started their work without wasting a single minute, while at least four other teams from other places subsequently joined them. Each godown on fire would take more than hours to be brought under control. After finishing the job, they realized they have clocked more than 20 hours at a stretch.

But before the 20 hours, the team had also worked elsewhere on Friday afternoon. They were exhausted, hungry but did come again to the rescue in the hour of need. But they were not alone. Continuous monitoring by senior officers, state-of-the-art disaster equipment and advanced technology helped.

Around 200 fire personnel, 23 fire vehicles and more than 20 consecutive hours to douse the flames and finally the worst nightmare for Bhadrak ended. Hats off to all those brave persons who did a commendable job to save the day!

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