Dear Rourkelites Your Prayers Have Been Answered & It’s Time To Wrap The Happiness This Diwali & Forever


One of the most difficult tasks we all have done is choosing the right gift for our loved ones and no matter how many we say that we want to give the best thing, we all look back and check the price tag and our wallet if it comes under our budget and then just like any other days, we go for the regular ones with the most suited dialogue- ‘Next Time I’m Gonna Gift Something Better!’ Prasad Jewellers

Well! You no need to repeat that because your prayers and dreams have been answered by one of the most leading jewellery shops of Rourkela ‘Prasad Jewellers’

Prasad Jewellers

At Prasad Jewellers, “unboxing” your favourite piece of jewellery is quite a memorable experience with that
branded packaging compiled with added panache of quality and style that resonates with the fashion-forward
generation. Gone are the days when jewellery was associated with festive seasons or special functions. Today, jewellery is nothing less than a craze which is especially true for the youth of Rourkela.

The simplest reason why everyone is going crazy is the budget and the limitless choices! Let’s ask you, would you like to gift someone a showpiece of Rs.800/- or Rs.1200/- over the shining jewellery made internationally and specially designed for gifts and presentations. That’s exactly what it is and you won’t be able to find out unless you visit the exclusive store.

Prasad Jewellers

Oh, and what can we say about the youth of Rourkela. There are people that follow contemporary fashion and then there is the ever-hunting generation of divas and hot hunks at Rourkela that create their very own sense of fashion. Prasad Jewellers is a brand dedicated to doing just that. It caters the voguish Rourkelites with à la mode perfection that comes with a 100 percent exchange guarantee.

It doesn’t just stick with the traditional wonders of Indian culture when it comes to Jewelries; cater talent extraordinaire for crafting what works for the current generation.

Prasad Jewellers

What’s best about the jewellery sold at Prasad Jewellers you ask?

Well! First of all, the thing that makes everyone happy is the cost-effective Jewelriesfor gifts. Secondly when you get to purchase what you love and pay in simplified easy monthly instalments. Yes, that’s right, you get to pay when as you go with EMIs that can be paid up in three sessions of 12, 18, and 24 months.

What makes Prasad Jewellers different from regular jewellery brands?

If you have ever visited a jewellery store, you might notice the fact that regular brands tend to pay way less for exchanged jewelries as opposed to the fresh purchase. Yeah, they don’t do that. The rate for selling or exchange of gold or diamond jewelries are perfectly in sync with no drops.

Is it just gold and diamonds Jewelries?

As we said, Prasad Jewelleries is much more than tradition. It surely flaunts their traditional collection but their branded collection is also an epitome of contemporary style that caters to the current generation. With gold and diamond as the popular option for jewelry making, they have added popular metals like platinum to their list of modern convergence.

Did I hear the word “Free”?

Yes, you heard that right. Who doesn’t love that word? Apart from modish style jewelries, they also cater free service on all their jewelries and that too for a term of 3 years. This includes repairing and cleaning of the items to ensure you enjoy the charm of the jewelry shining on you.

In case you thinking to google it to find the original Prasad Jewellers, let us help you with that!

Prasad Jewellers caters to its customers at three major locations which include Rourkela Opposite of Old Taxi Stand, Sai Vihar Road, Sundargarh and Gold Bazar road at Sambalpur.

Any perks of purchasing from Prasad Jewellers that I should know about?

Quality, trend, and affordability are what describe us. Apart from that, you get a wholesome one year-long insurance facility, 100 percent IGI certified diamonds, instant gold loans available at low interest rates. At Prasad Jewellers, quality is something that can be guaranteed, not just for a few years but for a lifetime. Our ISO: 9001-2008 certified company houses a plethora of in-house brands that aren’t available anywhere else in Rourkela which include Aarya, Fossil, Casio, Diesel, and many more. Of these, Diesel and Fossil can be scored at Prasad Jewellers only.

So, this festive season, drop down to our humble abode and buy what you want without having to worry
about bringing home outdated designs.

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