Ollywood Superstar Babushan Brutally Attacked Near BBSR! Really? We Don’t Think So!


We’re pondering what precisely happened to our print and electronic media!! Couple of months prior a well known print media distributed a report with the photo of India Today celebrated columnist Rajdeep Sardesai as suspect terrorist and later apologized and then again a regional news channel telecasted a fake and plotted ghost story and now it is a hat-trick!!

Odia News Paper Dharitri published on it’s BBSR edition of 27th February that Ollywood chocolate hero Babushan Mohanty was allegedly assaulted by a nearby youth over rash driving on the outskirts of Odisha capital last night. Not just that it likewise expressed that Chandaka police saved Babushan after a terrible battling amongst Babushan and the nearby person! and the local guy! And why only Dharitri, some other news agencies also published the same without verifying the truth.

The news uploaded on social media and went viral in fraction of moment. Few began sharing trusting the news however later on Babushan turned out himself for the meeting to put a fullstop to the fake news controversy and guess what ‘He’s Completely Fine!’

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But Do You Know What Was The Original Issue? Check Below!


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