Ollywood Star Budhhaditya Mohanty Slammed Priyanka & Abuses His Own Followers With Filthy Languages! Disgusting!


Obviously, it is no one’s business to tell a woman, celebrity or not, what to wear and what not to wear. And there’s nothing ‘appropriate’ about any choice of clothing. But a woman showing legs is certainly the biggest crime as per a majority of Indians, both men and some women who consider them so.

It’s only in India that every single person has the right (or so they think) to tell a woman how she should be dressed. The irony however is that it’s also in India that women of all ages are being raped and molested, even if they wear what society thinks they should be wearing.

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It all started with a coincidence of PM Modi and Priyanka Chopra being in Berlin at the same time for different reasons of course, when these two Indians decided to meet amidst the busy schedule. As soon as she updated the pictures on her official Instagram handle, sanskari social media users started abusing & trolling Priyanka for her insensitive dressing sense for Prime Minister meeting.

And guess what non other than our very own Ollywood Superstar Buddhaditya Mohanty raised the same question by saying that Priyanka exposed her thighs & she didn’t have feelings for her millions of followers & other hits back hard.

But instead of responding to his fans, it has been alleged that he rather chose to abuse them with filthy languages and even female fans were not spared from his insensitive & disrespectful comments. Bas***d, B**ch, W**re and what not! One of the girl posted the screenshot of the message received from Buddhaditya Mohanty in which she got abused & it went viral instantly with hundreds of shares. Check it out!

If you think this is it, then NO! There’s more!

Even Ollywood ever green actress Mahesweta & Priya Chaudhary also participated in the conversation.

Till the time Budhhaditya would have posted another reaction, Priyanka fans had already started thrashing him on his own post over his ‘Exposed Thighs & Insensitive’ dressing remarks for Priyanka & seems like they have the logic.

While most of the people were confused whether it’s his personal account and not a fake one, just couple of hours later the post Budhhaditya confirmed via another post with back to back comments that his account has been hacked as he has two Mohanty surname after his name on facebook; It’s True!

But social media never give 2nd chance. Even after the confirmation of Buddhaditya, people are not buying it! There’re few things which are asked by people & yet to be answered.

Let’s believe that Buddhaditya’s account was hacked but still we’re unsure why selective comments get deleted. Anyways all we want to repeat what Harish Iyer mentioned in First Post “Taangein hain, black money nahi joh chipaati phiren!”

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