Ollywood Star Anubhav Mohanty Did Something Heartwarming Which Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity!


We’ve seen politicians campaigning during elections and keep on protesting against something or somebody! Some people believe that many of them always act like opportunists but most of the time we all have seen when it comes to protecting cows, it’s all about politics.

But at the same time there are also some politicians who abandon their enthusiasm to comeout to help someone. Well! Here is the example. This heart warming incident occured during the Panchayat polling.Ollywood superstar & MP Anubhav Mohanty was campaigning for his party at Kalahandi few days back. In his way to Madanpur he saw a sick cow was unable to stand up and was dying and what Anubhv did, it will melt your heart. He didn’t leave her to die there and without any delay Anubhav halted his vehicle & gave her water to drink and took care of her until she stood up and walked out safely. And afterward he again continued for the battling.


There were hardly any big gathering to cheer him for that. You may not like him for his stand for a party or for something else yet the vast majority of us neglected to do the thing what he did! His selfless act act would definitely make him a hero, not only on the screen but in real life!

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