Ollywood Celebrity Pupinder Arrested After Non-Bailable Warrant By Court; Gets Bail In 1Hour!


Ollywood & controversies are two side of controversy one coin. One after another controversy have jolted the industry.

In a recent report Ollywood celebrity Pupunder Singh & his wife Roopinder Kaur has been arrested by the Twin City Commissionerate police in a cheating case,after a non-bailable warrant issued by JMFC court & gets bail in only 1hour.

The celebrity has been arrested in connection with the case pertaining to repayment of 30 Lakh rupees loan which they had taken from a mining company. As per the report, the committed date of repaying the money elapsed, the lender deposited the cheques to get a part of his money back but the cheques bounced without being encashed.

Following the cheque bounce, the company’s owner lodged a complaint with the police and three cases- 64/63/13, 64/64/13 and 64/65/13 were registed in the court.

Pupinder has refrain himself from saying anything regarding this issue but admitted that the case regarding a business deal for production of a movie & the entire ODIA film indutry is running through heavy loss.

He also added that all the single producers should get to united to save the industry. We Agree!

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Arvind Parida


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