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Odisha Shines Is An alternative media for Odisha news which draws attention towards the issue of odisha latest news which disappears from the traditional media in the engaging way with entertainment portion.With 1 lakh followers and 4 million reach, Odisha Shines is known for it’s engaging content and the way of presentation on web through videos,Odisha news articles and creative content.

It is the quickest developing content marketing platform in eastern part of India today. From its inception, it has been giving you the way to find a universe of stories using vivid formats, extending from stories to videos, only for you.

Odisha shines intends to make you the smartest person in the room by refreshing you about all the trends of Odisha issues that matter, put out assessments on what’s going on around Bhubanewar to all India related to Orisha and has a host of lifestyle and great peruses to up your insight remainder. Our network includes, our site and  Facebook,  YouTube, Instagram,Twitter and other digital platforms.


As we’re continuously looking forward to connect deeply with our audience and give them news in the most captivating way and the content worth sharing with their surroundings on and off social media.

Odisha Shines is having it’s headoffice at capital Bhubaneswar and having another office at Rourkela, we operate from various places such as https://www.livrariadomarketing.com.br/uo52fuy7qg Sambalpur, Brahmapur, Ranchi, Kolkata.Our news and entertainment divisions serve the next generation internet users, exceptionally engaged audience that consumes video and content crosswise platforms, on mobile, and has a desire that media will be significant and associated with their lives, effectively shareable, and all around open.