Congratulations! ‘Poor Odisha’ Status Was Past As We’ve Achieved Some New Lows.


Sometimes it’s utterly frustrating to even digest the fact that even after 69 years of independence Odisha is still considered as one of the poorest state in india. In this age of modern science, most of our villages still lack the basic facilities like electricity, drinking water, communication and what not. While Bhubaneswar becomes the top smart city in india, it really doesn’t seem to help Odisha in anyway.

But not anymore. Odisha tops at something on its own and not only to the state or central government, the credit goes to all of us. Recently a “Quality of Governance Survey” ranked all 30 states of India and Odisha topped in almost every aspect of the survey but from the bottom of course. This year Odisha hits a new low being an example “What not to be” for other states.

Despite the so called political stability for past around two decades, Odisha continues to remain among the bottom three states. Even Telengana, a state which only formed a year ago has better ranking than Odisha. Odisha stands at 27 out of the total 30 states in governance and Odisha tops among all the 30 states in crime and unethical law & order.

But it shouldn’t upset you or let your moral down. At-least Odisha has topped in something. And we can’t blame only the state government for this. A state can be a better one with the joint efforts of both local and central administration. Previous year Odisha has witnessed 2144 rapes and 1328 murders. which was the seventh highest in the country.

Forget about getting justice if you are thinking about the above crimes, there are 12 lakh cases still pending all over Odisha and waiting for their day to come. And for this reason Odisha is ranked 26th in Delivery of Justice. If you have made through the entire article reaching to this end and still thinking to change the system on your own, then you are welcome to join the queue.

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