What Odisha Entrepreneurs Should Learn From This Tamil Auto Driver! Yes, He’s A Game-changer For Your Start UP!


Auto Annadurai Ted Talker is a 32-year old, called as auto anna who runs his share auto on the Thiruvanmiyur-Sholinganallur route in Chennai. His auto is, however, not the one you find on regular days. Why is that and how he’s inspiring the budding entrepreneurs?

Every answer you’re looking for you’ll get here! As an entrepreneur, the first and only thing that matters is the customer satisfaction and ways to make money as a business. And this video will tell you how this guy is not just another autowala!

“Annadurai’s auto has top-notch facilities. Free WiFi, mobile charging point, 40 magazines, 10 newspapers, TV, laptop, and tablets; Annadurai’s ‘Amazing Auto’ has it all.”

With his own website and a mobile app, Annadurai is very popular. Apart from his mother tongue Tamil, he hardly knows any language fluently but he managed to understand and say few words in almost every major Indian language which consists of Odia, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi.


Auto annnadurai speaker focused on the customer satisfaction by providing them the most memorable ride and the arrangements and the services he provides is what making a difference. And at the end it’s not only the service provide Annadurai that people will remember but also the kind of Auto and facilities he provide that even service providers like OLA and UBER can’t imagine.Because of his good behavior with customer they know as auto anna.

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All the marketing and entrepreneurs skills that many Reputed IIM professor’s could not give.

One of his lucky rider Subhrajit Banik mentioned that, ‘I traveled with auto annadurai TED Talker  once during my stay in Chennai. One of my most memorable day in the city. He played Bengali songs and we talked about our country, diversity and many other things. When I first boarded the auto, I found an iPad and Mac-book in the side. He has got a small LED tv in the vehicle itself. He also gave me his card, and shared some words of wisdom with me… He played Shape of You song for me on demand and I didn’t know at that time that he’s so famous.


He’s a TeD Talker, a Quora writer, and many things else also, I don’t know… And more than these, he’s an incredible human being. He had his articles about him in newspapers and all… That was the only day I met with him but I keep telling everyone that if anything is Incredible about India, then it’s people like HIM. It was a joyful ride and the most memorable incident for me during my stay there.’

Sometimes even the education cant provide you with the same knowledge and ideas. It all happens with experiences and especially when you love your profession.

A must learn lesson for the current generation entrepreneurs.

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