Odia Album ‘Halijae America’ Released & It’s The Most Incredible Thing On Internet Today You’ll Watch Again!


In the time when we criticize Ollywood industry for it’s copycat versions; this new Odia album ‘Halijae America‘ is such an incredible thing on the internet today, that you can’t stop watching it again and again.

Anupam Nayak, the man behind this video has previously came into limelight for his choreography & viral dance videos. But this time he takes it to the new heights by directing the music video himself & we must say it’s way beyond amazing for a debutant to direct such an amazing music video.

The story of music video is about two individuals who met at Harbor Walk, Boston and fell in love. Anupam & his co-actor wife Amrita did an extra ordinary job to take Odia music to the world through America.

Not only the direction, this video is a compelte package of good music, lyrics, voice & cinematography by the inputs of singer Sangram, musician Asad Nizam,cinematographer Zac,lyricist Arun Mantri.

‘Halijay America’ is the song which represents something you can’t find in the notes and melodies and lyrics in other music videos & definitely no one had heard before. After watching this entire video, all we can say is Odia music is going in right direction, thanks to the talents like Anupam.

Now Thank Us Later & Make This Video Viral! 😉

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