A NIT & IIM Alumni From Rourkela, Anurag Is Now Killing It On YouTube With His Singing Talent!


You know what makes us wonder sometimes that if social would not be present in now a days then so many talents could have gone un recognised.

As the technology & talent now goes hand in hand, everyday we come to know about a new talent who deserves our attention & get appreciated by all of us & here is just another example, Anurag Mishra.

Despite belonging to an academically rich background the alumni of NIT, Rourkela & IIM Indore, Anurag decided not to leave his passion for music; even if he continues his job at Mumbai. As the corporates are moving to social media for recruiting, the social media itself recruiting new talents and giving them platforms to perform & reach out to millions of people.

Well! Anurag just did that & started his Youtube channel & believe us you’ll fall in love with his voice. & we must say it’s not only Anurag Mishra from Rourkela or Subhechha Mohanty from Cuttack who’s now becoming a face of new Youtubers in the state but there are hundreds of them searching for an opportunity.


Guys all you’ve to do is to follow your passion in music & if you don’t know how to start; mail us at [email protected] & we’ll guide you & if you’re already started it then let us know about it!

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