Naveen Patnaik’s Pilot Left Plane On Runway Stalking Vice-Presidents Plane; Coz They Needed Rest


At once in a lifetime we all have come across the situation where we’ve pushed our vehicle whether it’s a bike, scooty or a car. But wait!! that is not what always happen in here in my beautiful state Odisha.

“As an Odia most of us believe that the afternoon has been made by god only for us to take a nap but how can somebody left such a big plane on the mid of runway and moved to lounge and that too taking your best buddy Co-Pilot with you?”

According to reports the aircraft carrying Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik landed in Rourkela at 11.15am. Without even park the aircraft properly at it’s place the bravo pilot and co-pilot rushed to the lounge. And then the irony took place.

Courtesy- Sambad

As India’s Vice-President Honourable Hamid Ansari’s flight was supposed to land on the same runway in 5minutes, the CISF personnel were seen hurriedly rushing to the aircraft and pushed & pulled to the apron. The officials had to clear the runway as Vice-Presidents flight had already given signal for the landing. When the pilot of the incoming flight asked the Air Traffic Control to clear Naveen’s aircraft from the runway, the ground staff panicked and asked police personnel to push it out of the way.

After seeing all this struggle and unexpected funny moments at the airstrip, people would only like to suggest the pilots who put the security at risk “next time when you think about taking rest or sleeping, find a better place and time.” The local media didn’t left a chance – Watch the video below!


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