Made In India Has Got A Odisha Version & Believe Us This Is A Must Watch!


If you’re a fan of 90’s music album then you’re definitely a fan of Alisha Chinai and her song Made In India which was the song that was on the top of the chart for longest time.

And now after decades, we the people of Odisha has rediscovered it with a new lyrics which is damn too good to handle. Thanks to the these stand up comedians named as Bhubaneswar Komedians who came up with this idea to bring everything about Odisha in one song, with a catchy lyrics to be appreciated.

While Odisha Tourism give only four seconds to western Odisha in its promotional video, here you’ll get things from every place and every corner with a laughable and sporty video. All we can say is that ‘Well executed guys’. Once again it’s not like Odisha doesn’t have talents to bring out the best on web but it’s more like the best always get the chance to featured across all the platforms.

And this is the best so far!

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