India’s First Full HD ODISSI 360 Music Video Shows How Camera Is Changing The Future!


Odissi dancers!! Endowed with a well-proportioned body, fluent face, expressive eyes and natural beauty in body movement, often make u immerse in their incredible performance. Ever wondered how dancing with these swans would feel like? How magical it will be when they would perform surrounding you with their graceful yet breathtaking movements. Well! This is it, India’s first ever full HD ODISSI 360 Music Video.

A inseparable part of Odisha, Odissi is the dance of love and passion touching on the divine and the human, the sublime and the mundane. Thanks to 360° video capturing, which make us realize how camera is changing the future & now you will be able to immerse yourself when Saswat Joshi along with Mahina Khanum and team show you the Raas Lila, the joyful dance of Krishna and the gopis through Odissi.

Recently many Odissi dancers performed in songs like Ed-Sheeran’s shape of you and game of thrones tune. We on the other part find this video a very unique and creative attempt to make Odissi reach a million hearts. It will be a great delight for us to present you India’s first ever Odissi performance in 360.

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