Priya Prakash’s Wink Overshadowed Team India’s Historic Win!


Blame it on the viral video of Priya Varrier! Crazy cricket fanatics didn’t bat their eyelids and it came as a surprise. Possibly cricket must be shouting now Pyar Ek Dhoka Hai all because the cricket lovers never celebrated such an important milestone by the Indian cricket team yesterday.

India is a crazy country when it comes to cricket. Cricket is like a religion for most of us and we closely follow what’s happening in cricket whether it on or off the field.

Yesterday it was an important milestone for Indian cricket team. Kohli and team beat South Africa by 4-1 and became number 1 ODI team dethroning SA from its position.

This would have been breaking news and would have been the most talked about thing in the internet but to my surprise it didn’t happen all because of the viral video of Priya Varrier.

Priya Varrier is a Malayalam actress who is doing her debut in the movie “Oru Adar Love”. After the viral video where she is seen winking at a boy the internet is swooning over her beauty and more importantly her wink. Never thought a wink could do so much wonders!

The video went viral on Sunday and on Tuesday we witnessed another such video where the girl is seen killing the boy with her wink. The hype isn’t getting weak anytime soon so Indian team needs to achieve some more feats to draw everybody’s attention.

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