“Hindi Is Not Our National Language”- The New ‘Bakheda’ On Hindi Is Trending On Twitter For Bizarre Reasons!

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Hindi may not be our national language but it definitely is one of the official languages of India. With roughly 422,048,642 speakers, Hindi stands at the top rank in India. The whole fiasco started with the Namma Bengaluru metro station when BMRCL protesters allegedly removed the signs in Hindi to protest against Hindi language.

Hindi, “Hindi Is Not Our National Language”- The New ‘Bakheda’ On Hindi Is Trending On Twitter For Bizarre Reasons!

The protesters asked why is it that only Bengaluru has to put up a Hindi sign whereas all other southern states only had signs in local language and English. The question here arises, Are we that shallow? We are okay with a colonial language that has been shoved down our throat during 200 years of slavery but we are protesting against our own language which represents our tradition.

“#HALLAOVERHINDI has been trending over twitter with intellectuals debating over its necessity. All over India the local language gets primacy. We should all be proud to speak our mother tongue/local language ODIA.

Let’s accept the fact that in a social gathering of people from all over the country, the unifying language is Hindi.

We all listen to songs from Bollywood, we are more familiar with Hindi words rather than English. So why try to eradicate Hindi and say nothing against English.

Since our independence, English has been seen as an elite language, and if can’t speak English, you are seen as backward. Is it fair to embrace this mentality? We all have our regional identities but what about the identity of this country? We need one particular language to unite us all as Indians and being the most spoken one, Hindi should be given importance.

When we sit together with people from various parts of the country, we need one language to unite us all. This whole halla over hindi is nothing but cheap politics to divide us Indians.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. So let’s accept Hindi as the most spoken language if not national language and embrace it and take pride in it.

Here are some of the views as seen on twitter on this trending topic:


Hindi, “Hindi Is Not Our National Language”- The New ‘Bakheda’ On Hindi Is Trending On Twitter For Bizarre Reasons!


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