This Haunted State Highway Near Bhubaneswar Having Numerous Versions Of Stories & They All Are Scary!


Recently a fake ‘ghost selfie‘ story near Bhubaneswar has taken the internet into storm which finally get revealed that it’s an application which helps you to create fake ghosts in your photographs. We all know some of haunted places are just made by locals/individuals either for popularity or to gain attention but some of them actually have some horror story which we all can’t ignore!

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We are certain you’ve heard a story about someone having spotted a lady in white sari while driving late at night. There are numerous forms of this story. While some have seen her running at the speed of their vehicle, some claim her feet were reversed and some even say that she had a baby in her arms and she was dying. All things considered, there are various stories about phantom spotting on the highways. But this state highway near capital Bhubaneswar has a lot of such spooky incidents. If you consider yourself daredevil enough and need to challenge the individuals who have seen scariness here, you should drive down these streets late into the night. Be warned though, it’s extremely risky!

Not only one or two, many websites claimed that this BBSR highway is haunted and they all have the same story.

“The scary story behind this Orissa State Highway is that a lady who was killed in an accident on this highway. After this accident this highway is said to be haunted by this woman’s witch or spirit. This highway is approximately 50 km away from the capital. According to many travelers who travel in the dark night on this highway, they see a western getup lady standing alone and ask for help.”

“At night her spirit often makes her visible and ask for a lift. If anyone stops the car, she disappears. If they don’t stop, it makes creepy laugh that makes them almost senseless in fear.”

We’re not sure about the legitimacy of all these paranormal activities that happened but we’re also not sure if this one is really true. So, next time when you’ll travel be careful and make sure whether you want to stop or not!

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