‘Ghost’ Spotted In Bhubaneswar Girl’s Selfie Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine; Know The Truth!


We have heard about many paranormal activities in our lifetime. And every place in the country has some different stories on ghosts and spirits. Some of them are still mysteries and few are hoax.

Social media was abuzz from last few days with rumors. Recently a woman from Bhubaneswar named Priya Baliar Singh has shared her story with a chilling selfie which gone viral like a wildfire. Firstly it was only BBSR and later on her story started trending everywhere and believe us it will send shivers down your spine! Really? May be not!

So, What’s The Story?

The story is all about a spooky selfie taken by Priya in her house. As per her statement to a news channel she said that it appeared when she tried to send a selfie to her husband and suddenly she found out that a shadowy figure lurking above the rack. She has also experienced strange voices and happenings. The picture was shared on social media and rest you know! Social does the trick for which it is famous;making the thing viral.

Here’s The Picture!

Initially everyone thought the creepy selfie to be a genuine paranormal incident. It was seems so true and legitimate that even a known popular news channel Prameya has covered it in its exclusive news.

But hours after the viral news, it becomes a troll when people find out that it’s a trick of an android app ‘Ghost In Photo‘ & they also started sharing their snap with the same ghost picture on Facebook. Thanks to the viral news and troll army the Bengaluru based application developer team might have got a higher rating now on play store and again proved that technology can help you easily fake ghost photos.

Are you taking one today?

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