Flavour Box: Rourkelites Next Destination For Quality Food And Quality Time


We found out the reasons why there’s so much hype about this new place in Rourkela- Flavour Box!

Flavour Box introduces an iconic twist to the pre-existing designs of food and restaurant ideologies. With modern aesthetics along with consistency in quality, this new restaurant is all set to create a new wave of change in the way people eat in Rourkela.

Say Bon Appetit with amazing flavors served at your table that comes along with cost-efficiency and
beautiful interior paired with fun elements. At Flavour Box, we welcome change with a big smile which is
why you get something new every time you enter through that door to our restaurant.

I will get bored waiting for the food!!


Waiting for your food is no longer an issue at Flavour Box, we have introduced interesting way to keep you engaged while we cook the most delicious recipes to be served at your table. Capture some beautiful memories with the perfectly designed interiors along with the artistically created tables.

The Place which keeps you away form your mobile while you spend time with your friends and family. But how?

Solve the puzzles at your table helping your children learn new techniques that is paired with fun. Let your child explore the fun filled elements of our restaurant with an array of games to choose from. Flavour Box is your complete destination when it comes to off the charts dishes and best place for some dillydally.

Every restaurant serves the same food, why should I visit Flavour Box?

With an idea to cater to the needs and demands of modern generation, Flavour Box always welcomes anything that is new. We are not like your average restaurant with a standard menu set. We always innovate and invent. When you plan on eating at Flavour Box, you get to pick from an array of amazing dishes that include cheese founde, twistato, veg grilled sandwich, paneer kurkure, cold coffee, and much more.

I have seen many restaurants cooking vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in the same utensils!!!

At Flavour Box, you don’t have to worry about accidentally consuming any non-vegetarian dish if you are
a strict vegetarian. We provide completely vegetarian dishes with no non-vegetarian element included
whatsoever. Flavour Box is a haven for vegetarians looking for ample varieties in food and a place for
non-vegetarian foodies to experiment with some vegetarian dishes that is sure to make you fall in love
with veggies.

We have employed some of the most creative and professionally skilled chefs to ensure the thing you are served at your plate comes with seductive flavors along with tantalizing aromas.

So if you are planning you next birthday treat, or maybe anniversary treat, or maybe you are looking for a change to
your regular taste, make sure you visit Flavour Box.

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