Finally Odisha Tourism Is Doing Some Good Work For Promoting Odisha & Mumbaikars Witnessing It Everyday Now!


Another high for Odisha Tourism. First time a train rake i.e Mumbai metro branded with Odisha Tourism promotionals. Now millions of commuters or you can say Mumbaikars can see images of Koraput, Sambalpur, Buddhist sites, Rath Yatra, Konark, Chilika and others.

We all know the rise & fall of Odisha tourism in the past. In 2014 almost 77lakh foreign tourists visited India out of which only 71,426 had come to Odisha. Similarly in 2015, foreign tourists inflow to India had increased to 80 lakhs but the number of visitors to Odisha had significantly dropped to 66,971.

But the recent supercool introduction of a new aggressive marketing strategy to promote Odisha & it’s rich heritage culture across India is just awesome. The dynamic & young leader in tourism department is making it possible.

Just take a look!

The promotion on Mumbai metros will continue for 6months & after 3 months the wraps will be changed and some new destinations will be added.


Around 1 crore has been invested in this project where outside train body is covered with big poster wraps which includes the interior of the metros. Not only Mumbai, Rajdhani express & Delhi metro work is now under progress confirmed Odisha Tourism during answering a query on social media & Odisha Tourism is also planning to include airways.

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