Ever Wondered Why Some Ollywood Movies Sucks And Continues Copying Others Stories. Here’s The Reason!

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Those who watch Odia movies might have asked themselves, Why Ollywood is so left behind? Why it can’t be better or at least the same as their competitive counterparts? Why it sucks so much? Why most of the Ollywood movies nowadays are just cheap reproductions of Bollywood, Tollywood and GOD knows what not? If you think these things while watching a Odia movie, then deep down under you probably know the answers already.

Ollywood Movies, Ever Wondered Why Some Ollywood Movies Sucks And Continues Copying Others Stories. Here’s The Reason!

Though movies often give us a lession or make a code for us to live by, but their very existense is based on one simple fact “Movies are all about making money”. And once a great man said “Only one thing can make money…that is MORE MONEY“. So it’s true AF Ollywood can’t invest a larger amount of money in making a movie because they don’t have it or they can’t guarantee to get a good return on a big investment.

So Ollywood always has to keep movies under budget by doing a little cost cutting. And by cost cutting we mean “Don’t spend money on a story plot”, “Copy everything from some other movie “, “Don’t spend money on meaningful songs, Audience will like whatever we make them listen to” & “It’s Odisha, It’s easier to fool people with a copied script”.

It’s not always about investing money or making money. Odia Film Industry was not like this from beginning. Ollywood has given us some epic movies but they all were in the past. With a total population over 43 million Odisha is still lacking behind in bringing young talents to front. Now all we are seeing in Odia movies are Copied Plot, similar kind of Songs, Over Acting to some extend and if you are not getting enough then some more Over Acting. Seriously!! What is wrong with Ollywood nowadays.

We have only a few actors & actresses like Anubhav, Sabyasachi, Babushan, Archita, Barsha etc who are representing Ollywood now. But at this moment it seems most of our stars are good in promoting political parties more and thier movies less and ending up in cheat fund scams. Western Odisha has never seen any Ollywood stars promoting movies in big cities like Rourkela or Sambalpur. It’s all cornered to one particular area.

But again we can’t deny the fact that there’re also some new talents who are getting some recognition by thier work; Elina, Supriya & Sheetal are just few names and also some out of the box movies like Kathantara and in recent ‘Khyanika-The Lost Idea’ which is all set to be premiered at Hidden Gems Film Festival in Canada.

All we can hope to see some original stories and some big budget movies in upcoming days!

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