Dilip Ray Mounting Continuous Pressure On Centre For The Delayed Projects But Wait!! Is Everything All Right?


First thing first! You may like it or not but you can’t simply deny the ability and commitment of Ex-Union Minister & Rourkela MLA Dilip Ray. While the vast majority of his supporters believe that he should look beyond Rourkela and should take bigger responsibilities in the national level; he knows it extremely well that his first obligation is towards the Janata Janardan of the steel city.

In his mission mode at Delhi, the marathon meetings with the central ministers for the delayed projects in Rourkela which has been guaranteed around more than a year before is now at it’s peak. Prior in his letter to PM Modi, Mr. Ray has clearly stated and expressed his dissatisfaction stating “It’s pity that even after 2 years no development on super specialty hospital has been done and no body knows if the project will ever come up!”

Understanding the significance of the Brahmani bridge, Super specialty hospital and airport, Rourkela MLA unmistakably mentioned in his letter for the first time that delay in projects is becoming a prestige issue now for the party and people are confronting a lot of issues. GENUINE!

While his marathon meeting with central ministers and PM is likely to mount pressure on the Modi govt. to ensure the delivery in time; however their facial expressions are now a matter of talk in city. From Nitin Gadkari or PM Modi himself, things changed so quickly in a year & the pictures are saying a lot of stories!

All we can say that Dilip Ray now is on a Rock n’ Roll mood, which is a good sign for the steel-city.

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