Dilip Ray Targets PM Narendra Modi Again! Said ‘Centre Showing No Interest In Rourkela’!


In a recent interview to Odisha Television Dilip Ray again targeted PM Narendra Modi & his own govt for showing no interest in the development of Rourkela.

It’s not the first time when Dilip Ray made such statement, as he already expressed his unhappiness after Modi govt. failed to keep it’s promise in making of a new Brahmani bridge & converting IGH to Super Speciality Hospital. Even after the multiple letters, visits and meetings with the central govt, it’s negligence towards Rourkela is very much clear now.

“I met Modi for seven times and reiterated the issues. I have taken the matter to the ministers concerned for 15-20 times and written to the central authorities many times but in vain. As the MLA of Rourkela, I am ashamed and feeling sad”- said Dilip Ray


In a response to Ray’s statement, BJP State vice-president Samir Mohanty said, “As he is the Rourkela MLA, it is natural that he would feel bad. But it would be better if he had discussed the issues in the party forum instead of going to the media.”

But it only seems that Dilip Ray is all set to quit to the saffron party, looking for an alternative after the leaderships failure in keeping their promises.

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