Debasish Mohanty Was Such A Cricketer Whom Sachin Didn’t Forgot; Featured In Sachin’s New App 100MB!


It seems Sachin Tendulkar has taken another post-retirement avatar, this time as a singer. Few days back he launched his own fan engagement app “100MB” which gives Sneak-Peeks into Sachin’s glorified cricket history and his personal life as well. And what better way there would be to promote this app other than a unique jugalbandi by the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar himself with the music rock-star Sonu Nigam.

And even before we could digest the fact that Sachin could sing (really well, If you have seen the video), the duo released a sneak-peek into what’s coming up and just after few days there it was. Master Blaster’s Master-Piece. The song goes something like this: “Gend aayi, ballaa ghuma, mara chhaka, Sachin, Sachin… nacho nacho sab cricket wali beat pe…”

And the most interesting part is Sachin thanked all the players with whom he has played six World Cups by making them a part of this Song. Sachin Sang all of their names in a single breath (at least he had tried).
And just after Sachin starts singing, there he mentions Debasish Mohanty.



The torchbearer of cricketers from Odisha who tried to make a mark in world cricket. Forget his frisky, over-animated bowling action. Forget his World Cup tour to England where he scared batsman with his dynamic run-up. Just remember he’s one of those few players from Odisha to have made Ivy League of Indian cricketers.

Making his debut in an era when the followers only connected with batsmen, Debasish managed to get a few of them excited by what he brought to the game. He was one of the few in the world who has an uncanny ability to swing the ball both ways. It was something that not many bowlers of the past could pull off. In that sense, Debashish Sarbeswar Mohanty was truly, an exciting prospect, but unfortunately he remained just that.

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