Dear Sir, Sanitary Napkins Are Necessity, When Did Having Periods Turn Into Luxury!


When a basic need classified as a ‘luxury’, but items of ritual and religious ceremonies are more important.

The Indian government Slapped a 12% GST on sanitary napkins. According to Indian government, Sanitary napkins are a commodity and we cannot even grasp this idea. How is sanitary napkin a commodity?

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Rather it’s a necessity. Do only rich women bleed? Bleeding isn’t a choice, it’s a natural process and embedding tax upon it and that too a whopping 12% is too much to handle.

#Lahukalagaan has been trending on twitter demanding Mr. Arun Jaitley that sanitary napkins should be tax exempted. In a country where only 14% women can afford sanitary napkins, imposing such heavy tax is further decreasing its affordability especially in rural area leading to various hygiene issues and health hazards.

“The government has systematically targeted the female gender making the GST and Greatly Sexist Tax.We can’t even fathom the fact that sindoor, bangles and bindi are tax free but the things actually necessary for better health of the women gender has such heavy tax imposed upon it.”

In rural areas many girls stop going to school once they get their periods as they cannot afford such highly priced napkins.

We want to ask Mr. Modi, when you stress on your slogan “Beti Bachao ,Beti padhao”, don’t you think this totally goes against it when girls stop going to school because they cannot afford sanitary napkins. While condom prices remain unchanged & cigarette prices only increased to 5% which ultimately leads to cancer, Basic necessities of women are made more and more expensive every year. It’s not our choice to bleed, It just happens. No GST on birth control like condoms but we need to pay for bleeding.

Menstruation has been a taboo in India. We request not just women but all the men to raise voice against this discrimination. Every women is someone’s daughter, wife, mother, etc. Do it for them, don’t shy away from talking about menstrual health because the healthier the women in the house are, the happier you would be.

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