After The Day Of Heavy Rain, These Youths From Cuttack Took To The Streets To Help The Twin City People!


Social media is buzzing with updates about the traffic and rain in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and coastal areas. While BMC’s so called preparation is now exposed and turned out to be a complete failure in the entire city, hundreds of vehicles are stranded at several traffic junction and under-passes which are flooded with rain water.

Most of of the low-lying areas of the city are inundated leaving many drains over flowing.

Twin city is fighting the worst rain in last few years and the situation is alarming but that couldn’t stop these youths to help the people in stuck in rainwater.

Even as thousands posted about the floodlike situation on social media, a group of youths named ‘Team Angels’- a welfare organisation in Cuttack took it to the streets with their volunteers for help. Not worrying about the present condition, the team decided to deliver food packets, biscuits, bread, drinking water to the people in need.

Helping few persons may not change the world, but it could change the world for that one person.

So far they’ve distributed more than 1000 food packets.  While very few believe that yelling at BMC won’t bring solution, but covering up failure will also make it more worsen and will complicate the situation further. Thanks to the fire department, rescue team and the NGO’s who have joined hand and doing their best in this condition.

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